Still in The Storm

Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!  (Psalm 46:10 ESV)

I love this truth. We live amidst the swirling storms of many different circumstances. We exist every day within many different relationship dynamics. Those we work with can bring stress and anxiety… parenting will often bring stress and anxiety… all this amidst the pace of life that we live can find us pretty beat up at times.


Do you know how to be still?

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Marriage: Beauty in Diversity

You will often hear someone refer to a person they are planning to marry as someone with whom they have much in common. This idea seems to be rooted deeply in our culture when we begin to talk about finding that special someone with whom we will spend the rest of our life.

We often spend those initial stages of discovery focused on how alike we are and then shortly after the wedding day the conversation changes to how different we are. We go from having everything in common to not even speaking the same language almost overnight. There has to be a Hollywood romantic comedy to be found in that saga…


The diversity between you and your spouse is God’s gift to you both.

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What You are Hiding Will Destroy You

It is so simple and obvious that I feel stupid writing about it.  On the other hand, we all (including myself) must be pretty ignorant because it is a pattern which populates the stories that surround us on a daily basis.  We have no shortage of news around devastated homes, marriages, and friendships.  Further, this is definitely not an inside the church versus outside the church type of reality.  The truth is that we see an unfortunate steady flow of implosion stories within the church.

Walk in light and invite others with you.

Walk in light and invite others with you.

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A Healthy Church of Healthy Relationships

We have a conversation at our newcomers gathering at Crossings Community which I have not experienced in the other churches where I have been involved. There are probably many who would find it crazy to have such a conversation with new people who have not yet committed themselves to the church.

We explicitly tell people that they are going to get hurt by others in the church and at some point will probably get hurt by one of us in leadership. We go out of our way to tell everyone that it is not an ‘if’ situation but a ‘when’ situation.


A healthy church of healthy relationships is a church that can grow through conflict rather than one that avoids it.

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A Church Marked by Joy

There are many triggers that can quickly turn a good day into a not so good day. We all have different things that can push us over the proverbial edge. Matter of fact, you probably have a list of things that can send you into a downward spiral. That list probably changes based on every environment of your day. If you are with the family, there are most likely things that the kids can do that may incite anger, frustration, or despair. Wives, I’m sure there are those things your husband does which can completely alter your mood in an instant.

Even greater than the things which can come and go during the regular happenings of the day… the unexpected health news or job loss can be devastating. There are things that we face in life which have a significant impact on us and our home. We have all walked through those times and may even find ourselves in the middle of one of those seasons today.


When the church begins to worship out of a biblical joy then the glory of God is put on display.

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Your 2015: A Resolution

You are probably sick of hearing about resolutions by now. Personally I do a lot of ‘resolution’ type thinking throughout the year. I am constantly evaluating and re-evaluating, tweaking and adjusting, and looking forward at adjusted goals based on lessons learned. I really enjoy this thought process because it fuels growth in all areas of my life.

Since ‘resolution thinking’ is constant for me I do not take the time to write down new ideas each January. However, I do make it one of my intentional inventory seasons because it is such a good time to make adjustments in personal and ministry life. I know that your life probably looks different and that constant evaluation may not be a neurotic tendency that you share with me.

Do you have a "resolution?"

Do you have a “resolution?”

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Thank You & Merry Christmas!

As crazy as it is to say, it is that time of year again. Our kids just have a few more days of school before they begin their Christmas break. We have our lights on the house, the tree is up, and we were wearing shorts this weekend – gotta love our Houston climate. Christmas parties and concerts are in full swing. Christmas shopping is an obvious objective for so many who are filling the roadways each weekend. It is that time.


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When Will It All End?

During the Advent season we enjoy the rhythm of looking ahead towards Christ’s return.  I have learned to love this season and I look forward to it each year.  When we talk about the return of Jesus it invariably sparks some conversation about those who claim to ‘prophesy’ the very moment of that return.  This has turned into a thriving market in the Christian marketplace.  It seems that many of us really love reading or watching as so-called prophets or experts tell us when this world will come to an end.

Honestly, we have such explicit clarity on these things.  The scriptures do include ideas that will mark the final stages of life before the return of Jesus.  Yet it is also crystal clear that no one will know the moment or expect the timing of Christ’s return (Mt 24:36).  Although not the purpose of this writing today, we should understand that those who claim to know or predict the end have placed themselves firmly in the ‘false teacher’ category as they are attempting to do exactly what the Bible indicates cannot be done.  This should create a considerable concern in us when we hear these things.


What if we saw the mystery of His return as a gift ushering us into the joys of walking deeply with Him today?

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Learning to Love Advent

I’m not sure if it is a product of age or just my natural neurosis, but I find myself getting more and more forgetful. I could share countless examples of this growing reality. First, it is a regular occurrence that I walk into a room of the house with fervor, obviously on a mission, and arrive in that room to find myself standing there wondering why it was that I needed to go into that room.

Second, of many, would be the moments that I call someone (by the way, I hate to talk on the phone) and I hear a familiar voice answer which finds me having no earthly idea why I would have called that individual. Surely you have experienced this as well… depending on the person, I will either have to engage in a little improv or I will have to let them know that I have no idea why I just made the phone call.

advent wreath-2

What does Advent mean to you?

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Is Thankful Still Meaningful?

This is the time of year where we hear about being thankful.  We get to see all the lists of what our friends are thankful for through their social media megaphones.  From the seemingly most thankful, we get to see things they are thankful for everyday.  It is a pretty common family tradition for many to gather for a Thanksgiving celebration and all share one or two things for which they are thankful.  Many of our children who are in school will talk about thankfulness with their teachers in some fashion as well.

I think being thankful is an incredibly important value to embrace.  I honestly really enjoy Thanksgiving.  The actual day is usually positioned in the week where I am able to enjoy spending a low key day with family.  For that, I am thankful.


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